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4 Most Common Brick Wall Pointing Techniques

Proven-Effective Pointing Techniques

Brick walls are a very popular choice for residential properties, and this is because of their amazing durability and many various benefits they can provide. These are also quite easy to keep clean and do not require painting, which is a huge advantage. They will look wonderful when finished to a high standard. They’re not only highly affordable but can also offer great value for money. However, if your brick walls are not that pleasing from the street, you’ll need to take the time to point them out. You can also find brick-pointing services offered by brick companies.

Below are the top four techniques commonly used by brick wall pointing specialists.

Flemish Capitals

Flemish style is another option; however, it is a more involved process. It involves carefully filing off the sharp edges. Often, this will mean using a sander and filing a bit, taking care not to remove any of the bricks. A professional masonry contractor will be able to help you with this style.


This is when the bricks are simply applied to the wall, usually with a cement-based material. Because it is the easiest one to achieve, it is also the most common. However, you can also use mortar or a joint compound on this.

Simple Joint

Another option is a simple joint; this is where a few bricks are simply adjoined with some mortar. It is another popular option as it is elegant and can provide a stable foundation.

Full Brick Wall

The full brick wall style is considered the most durable and expensive option. Because the joints will be exposed, it must be done by a professional masonry contractor. In this case, you will need to hire a professional who can install the bricks into place.

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