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Riedel has assembled a strong team of professionals, dedicated to meeting and exceeding professional standards for architectural restoration. Teamed with architects from institutions such as the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and Cooper Union in Jersey City, plans, specifications, drawings, and permitting can be completed by our firm. Our mechanics are OSHA certified for work on scaffolds and suspended scaffolds and hold all current certifications needed for safety purposes. We also hold certifications from Cathedral Stone, a maker of historical restoration products, for the restoration of broken or defaced architectural stonework. We can restore work that others have completed improperly as well.

Using our services, the lifespan of your building will be guaranteed to extend well into the future. Water infiltration problems through the facade which can lead to mold, mildew, and structural degradation can be avoided. Through repointing of bricks and stonework, and using sealing chemicals which maintain the natural color of the facade, maintenance work cycles are made fewer and far in between.

Our company uses only the finest materials and installation practices and always makes sure to use the correct mortars for the brick or stone in question. We can color match almost all materials and restore damaged stonework. The restoration mortars are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Find out why institutions such as Columbia University, Teachers College, Pratt Institute, and others use us for their restoration and maintenance work.

Architectural Restoration

Facade maintenance is sorely missing here! Don’t let your investment fall to the ground like this house is!

Why Hire Riedel Masonry?

Architectural restoration is difficult and challenging work. You need people with experience and technical know-how to do the job. The equipment needed to do the job such as Hepa filtered grinders, wet masonry saws, demo chisels, architectural etching chisels, and the like is the equipment we use on a daily basis. Improper workmanship can leave you holding the bag for hundreds of thousands of dollars. One NYC college needed to redo their facade restoration after only three years due to shoddy workmanship! Price is meaningless if the quality is compromised. We never bid projects to be cheap, we bid projects to be durable and long-lasting. Why do this? As the old saying goes – “You need it done right the first time because you are not rich to pay twice!

Copper Restoration Work Manhattan NY

Lead coated copper restoration work and stone pointing are included in our portfolio of restoration specialties.

Why choose our firm?

We have 25 years of experience in the business. We are even accredited by BBB with an A+ rating. To maintain our good reputation and to live up to your expectations, our people make sure to bring nothing but the best service. May it is for the restoration of your bricks, roof decks, siding, and windows, we execute every task conforming to strict standards. It’s our ultimate goal to turn every new client as a long-term customer. To achieve that, aside from making quality outputs, we strengthen our customer service programs. Here, in the company, your satisfaction will always be our greatest priority.

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