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Helpful Masonry Tips for Your Driveway Construction

What to Consider When Paving the Way?

Are you planning on hiring a masonry company for the installation of your driveway? Whether you DIY or not, this is a must-read article! Here are what you got to consider before constructing your driveway.


A single driveway should have a standard size of 9-12 feet. The double car driveway on the contrary should measure 20-24 feet. This is to give enough space for the cars for turnaround.


Driveways aren’t flat even if they’re installed on a flat surface. Although they’re not entirely impossible, they are rarely practiced by a credible masonry company. Avoiding that will protect the top surface from the pooling water caused by the rain and snow. A lot of masonry materials such as concrete are porous. They need to be sealed regularly to last long.


You can’t just have the driveway built on any day. You got to find the right timing if you don’t want to waste your available materials from the rain. Have a backup plan in case you want the project to do in the wet season. You can discuss them with your masonry company. They can help.


There are a lot of materials you can use for the construction of your driveway and these include cobblestone, bricks, concrete, asphalt, and tiles. Every material is unique, and your property’s market value, maintenance needs, and aesthetics will greatly depend on it.

Knowing how important their roles are, choosing the right material will matter. Don’t just look at its aesthetic or price. It’ll be more strategic if owners will look at the bigger picture.


You can install your driveway using the regular way, through stamping, or with the use of a paving machine. Although the methods affect the project’s efficiency and cost, their qualities will still depend on your masonry company so make sure to choose the right one.

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