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Let Our Contractors Do Your Stone Masonry Project

Every homeowner dreams of improving their homes. Here at Riedel Masonry and Facade Restoration, we’ve been helping Manhattan, NY individuals achieve their goals for years. From concrete driveways to outdoor kitchens, stone masonry projects guarantee an appealing outcome; however, many think they’re capable of doing these projects alone! Masonry work is an appealing way to upgrade your property; however, DIY methods will not provide the outcome you want! If you see buckling and cracking, you should never do the repairs or installation yourself! On top of that, you should entrust the upgrades to our contractors! Below are 3 of the benefits you’ll get from hiring the right masonry company for your project.


Matching the skills of our contractors with the project you have in mind will ensure that we’ll use our expertise for quality completion. More often than not, a minor problem, like disintegrating stones, can be dangerous for your family, and these repairs can become dangerous if not done by professionals. Moreover, our comprehensive understanding of the industry and years of experience are enough to protect your family from injuries!


On top of our expertise, we also save your time and money! Deciding to take on the job can be time-consuming and exhausting on your part. You’d need specialized equipment and prepare the surfaces that will be worked on before you can even start. On the other hand, our stone masonry contractors can do the preparations quickly and help you save money on buying the needed equipment and possible damage. We’ve also built local connections in the industry, which can help in purchasing professional-grade and quality materials that will provide you with the outcome that you desire!


DIY projects can be overwhelming, and if it comes to masonry construction, there are a lot of components to deal with! Our contractors in Manhattan, NY can handle everything from the e equipment and vehicles to insurance and schedule; hence, hiring the right contractor will not only deliver quality work, but they’ll also free you from the burden. On top of that, masonry requires dealing with multiple contractors at once. Nearly all homeowners who go with DIY methods soon regret their decisions! With our contractors, you’ll have the right foundation in place to smoothly finish your project.

Riedel Masonry and Facade Restoration is the company you need for stone masonry! If you need our assistance, you should call us at (646) 517-5957 for more information on our products and services.