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The Importance of Façade Restoration

All About Facades

Facades are the face of the building, and they play an integral role in a building’s design. Learn more about it, and understand the importance of doing facade restoration.

What Are the Difference Types of Facades?

There are different types of facades, the lightweight facade, and the heavyweight facade. Compared to the heavyweight, the lightweight facade doesn’t contribute to the stability of the building. It only adheres to its resistant structure. The normal materials used for lightweight facades are glass and metal.

Heavy facades on the other hand are usually made of heavy construction materials, with an average weight above 100kg per square meter. Heavy facades are still classified into various types; prefabricated, ETI Systems, rain-screen cladding, and Traditional. More of it will be discussed by another topic.

Why Restore Facades?

Facades can offer more than visual value. They provide comfort to the occupants and guests with their noise control property. Some facades like perforated metal are designed to give the house or building good ventilation. They keep the sunlight from completely passing through which helps a lot in lowering the buildings’ electricity consumption and increasing appliances’ lifespan.

Why Hire a Professional for Their Restoration?

Restoring facades isn’t just laborious but also, risky. It’s a job that requires expertise, tools, and courage. Professionals for facade restoration consider a lot of factors before starting the project, and those include the current construction regulations, the impact of the project on the public’s safety, budget, and even the climate.

Careful and strategic planning should be performed for the project to proceed smoothly without delays or accidents. Experts can introduce you to various innovative and cost-effective solutions ideal for each type so take advantage of their expertise.

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