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Why You Should Hire Brick Wall Pointing Service

Get Your Wonder Wall Professionally Fixed

Brick is easy to work with when you’re not in a rush and you already know how to apply it. That’s why you should get a brick wall pointing done by a professional. Here are a few benefits if you call the pros:


Who wants to spend time learning about what mortar goes best with your wall? You’d need to learn about what type works best with your climate, and you’re probably better off devoting your time on other projects that you’re intimately familiar with. The process of pointing and mixing mortar does consume time and if done incorrectly, you’re going to have to do it all over again, that’s if you can still do it all over again.


Time is money; and going back to the previous point, if you waste time trying to fix the wall yourself, you’re bound to waste some resources. Doing the repointing with mistakes might actually do more harm than good. If it gets to a point where the mortar is stuck incorrectly on your wall, it could be at risk of erosion.


There are no restrictions on who can repoint a wall. Remodeling or repairing your home in that regard isn’t too hard, but it’s often better to hire the services of someone who has done it a hundred times. You might have already made plans to do your repointing, but you have to take into account certain factors like doing it when the rain and wind won’t cause the mortar to slip off or weaken.

We’re not saying you can’t do it yourself, but wall repairs done by restoration specialists will ensure a clean finish and fewer costs. If you’re interested in getting brick wall pointing, Riedel Masonry and Facade Restoration is located in Manhattan, NY and we have a team that specializes in masonry and facade restoration. Call us at (646) 517-5957 to book our reliable services today!